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        1. gratis Situs totoan olahraga Phuket

          They did not wait till

          miracles of science

          Unstopped the naked ears

          for supersonics

          The death-knell of Art is

          sounding! Boom! Doom! -

          Boom! Doom!

          Art is degenerating into an

          accessory of all sorts of


          Ameri, with lifornian claws,

          clutches the Pacific, and now

          she makes her voices for

          frantic appeal. They roar like

          Niagara. They shake the

          synthetic hills. The sand of

          tastrophe is loosed and every

          breast is marked with doom.

          He doesn't know you n't tch

          glory on a hook and hold on to it.

          That when you fish for the glory

          you tch the darkness too.

          That if you hook twice the glory

          you hook twice the fear.

          Our passions are shaping

          the future spontaneously,

          unpredictably, compulsively.

          Produce Editions Participate If we are to continue scholarship and teaching in the field of nadian modernist studies, there is now more than ever before an urgent need to produce editions of these works and to regenerate public interest in this formative period of nadian literature whose visibility has been fading as fast as ink on foolsp.


          Ruth Panofsky’s The Collected Poems of Miriam Waddington receives 2015 nadian Jewish Literary Award (Yiddish)

          CLC launches Malcolm Lowry’s 1940 Under the Volno, edited by Paul Tiessen and Miguel Mota, annotations by Chris Ackerley and David Large